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Please find below a list of all the references ever published about or related to Bossou and video/TV programs produced about Bossou.


  The Chimpanzees of Bossou and Nimba
Matsuzawa, Tetsuro; Humle, Tatyana; Sugiyama, Yukimaru (Eds.) 2011 from Springer

The chimpanzees of Bossou in Guinea, West Africa, form a unique community which displays an exceptional array of tool use behaviors and behavioral adaptations to coexistence with humans. This community of Pan troglodytes verus has contributed more than three decades of data to the field of cultural primatology, especially chimpanzees’ flexible use of stones to crack open nuts and of perishable tools during foraging activities. The book highlights the special contribution of the long-term research at Bossou and more recent studies in surrounding areas, particularly in the Nimba Mountains and the forest of Diécké, to our understanding of wild chimpanzees’ tool use, cognitive development, lithic technology and culture. This compilation of research principally strives to uncover the complexity of the mind and behavioral flexibility of our closest living relatives. This work also reveals the necessity for ongoing efforts to conserve chimpanzees in the region. Chimpanzees have shed more light on our evolutionary origins than any other extant species in the world, yet their numbers in the wild are rapidly declining. In that sense, the Bossou chimpanzees and their neighbors clearly embody an invaluable cultural heritage for humanity as a whole.

Cognitive Development in Chimpanzees
Matsuzawa, Tetsuro; Tomonaga, Masaki; Tanaka, Masayuki (Eds.) 2006 from Springer

Primate Origins of Human Cognition and Behavior
Matsuzawa, Tetsuro (Ed.) 2001 from Springer


Scientific papers with second hand analysis about Bossou written in European language.

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Visual works, TV programs about Bossou in European language

Koltlandt A, van Orshoven J, Pfeijffers R, van Zon JCJ 1981 : Chimpanzees in the wild, Guinea 1966-1967: Sixth Netherlands chimpanzee expedition. (16mm film, sound) University of Amsterdam.

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Matsuzawa T 1998 : Une noix difficile a concasser: L’usage d’outils chez chimpanzes sauvages de Bossou. ANC/NHK (43min.)

Matsuzawa T 2001 : WILDLIFE ON ONE. Chimpanzees : Toolmakers of Bossou. BBC, (29min.).

Matsuzawa T 2003 : Jokro : the Death of a Chimpanzee. KUPRI (19min)

Gilles Nivet 2006 : Le Pacte de Bossou. Gaia Video concept (52 min.).