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You will find information about chimpanzees, research and conservation at BOSSOU and NIMBA, Republic of Guinea, West Africa.

Video Gallery

This section will introduce you to 100+ video clips from our chimpanzee field research site in Bossou and Nimba.

The Chimps in Bossou

The number of Bossou chimpanzees has decreased to eight following the death of FANLE's eldest son, FLANLE, at age 7, due to an unidentified illness at the end of August 2016. Because the Bossou chimpanzee community remains semi-isolated from neighboring groups of chimpanzees (see here for more details), their population is now less than half the size it was 20 years ago. More

Green Corridor Project

Latest News

The Claudia Sousa Memorial Fund for the Advancement of Portuguese Primatology was founded to encourage Primatological study by Portuguese students. This fund provides financial support for one student, per year, to spend several months in Japan, at both the Primate Research Institute (PRI) and the Wildlife Research Center (WRC). More

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Primate Research Institute, Kyoto University
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